Preethi Indian Mixer Grinder In United Kingdom

When discussing technical specifications with buyers one of the most frequently asked questions is “What is the size of the motor? ” In technical terms this would translate to: “What is the motor stack height? ”

Misconception about Motor Stack Height – Why Bigger is Not Better?

There is a great misconception among buyers that motors with higher stack heights are more powerful. Imagine an unfit and overweight man struggling to walk up a hill compared to a fit, lean man running up the same hill with ease. Can one claim that the overweight individual is performing better? In the same way the ‘size’ or ‘stack height’ of a motor does not define its performance. Looser winding, inefficient design and manual lamination are some factors which can increase the stack height of the motor and make the size bigger. On the other hand, a motor built using advanced technology, optimal design and superior processes will have tighter winding, and as a result, can be smaller in size.

Our Mantra – Increase Efficiency and Performance, Not the Size

At BLAAZE, we believe that increasing stack height of a motor is an unnecessary waste of resources, manpower, and money. Therefore, we always strive to update and improve our processes to deliver our buyers a superior product at a reasonable price.

We have found that our 28mm motors have better performance, endurance, and lower heat rise than 35mm motors of other manufacturers. Our proprietary in-house innovative motor design, combined with automatic balancing machines, updated winding machines and stringent testing helps us stay on the forefront of productivity and efficiency.

To get further information on motor stack height or any other technical concerns on mixer grinders, please feel free to contact us through BLAAZE|Mixer Grinder|Indian Cooking|Mixer Grinder Kitchen or Made in India Mixer Grinder We will be happy to address any mixer grinder related questions.