Preethi Popular Indian Mixer Grinder In United Kingdom

Wattage is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a mixer grinder. Mixers/grinders in India are usually available in 3-Watt ranges: Less than 500 Watts, 500-700 Watts, and more than 750 Watts. However, mixers between 500-750 Watts are the most popular and preferred mixers/grinders for kitchen use.

Motor wattage in simple terms means the amount of load / stress the motor can handle. The higher the watt, the more the torque can be generated and the lesser the stress on the motor efficiently grind the foods.

You can load more quantity of food at a time in a 750-Watt mixer/grinder in comparison to that in the 500-Watt mixer/grinder.

However, it is to be noted that a high wattage mixer/grinder is not always the best. Overall performance of your mixer grinder depends on the manufacturer and the quality all the parts and accessories eg. Lids, Blades, jars, overload protectors, etc. in the machine. If you are looking for the best manufacturing quality mixer/grinder, visit We deal in premium Indian mixer grinders made for the UK market.