Is it good to carry my own mixer grinder to Germany?

Indian cuisine is known for its aromatic taste and Indian spices play a very important role in that. For ages, Indians have been using the process of grinding and mixing. However, back then, it used to be a very tedious and time-consuming process where the grinding was done manually by using a grinding stone. Now, this has been replaced by modern, technically superior mixer grinders that do the job by the push of the button.

Today, every Indian Kitchen needs a mixer grinder – it has become a staple, and we, at BLAAZE, know that very well!

However, we wouldn’t recommend carrying mixer grinders from India to overseas countries. There are many reasons for the same. To name a few are:

1. Airlines weight allowance - We Indians tend to travel heavy and a good mixer grinder will weigh nothing less than 5 KG – that’s normally 20% of your total weight allowance!!! Save that for other things!

2. Plug types and voltages variation in different countries - For instance, the plug used in Germany is totally different from that used in India. So, if you carry a mixer grinder from India to Germany, every time when you use it, you’ll have to go through the hassle to attaching a converter to its plug!

3. No warranty - You will not have warranty / spare parts back up service in your country for Mixer Grinder bought in India.

Given the above, it’s a bad idea to carry your own mixer from India to Germany. Now the question that arises is, how to get a Premium Mixer grinder in your country? Well, it’s very easy with BLAAZE! Order from BLAAZE|Mixer Grinder|Indian Cooking|Mixer Grinder Kitchen and get it delivered in your country.

P.S. We deliver to all European countries.