Preethi Indian Mixer Grinder In UK

A mixer grinder is often brought to ease out the things in the kitchen. The mixer grinder offers multiple operations in the everyday kitchen routine, such as grinding, mixing liquids, and many more. However, even a minor issue in the juicer mixer grinder will restrain us from completely using it.

Although you have bought the best mixer grinder for your kitchen, it might cause some issues after years of usage. Let’s deep dive to know the various types of problems and their solutions of a mixer grinder.

1.  Jar related Issues:

No doubt that the jar or the container of the juicer mixer grinder is the most troublesome component among all the parts. Generally, there are two major jar issues.

  • Leakage: Jar leakage may be triggered due to:
    • Broken Jar: A broken container is the most prominent cause of leakage. There is no repair but replacement for this problem.

Nevertheless, you could apply some adhesive to those cracks, but it is suggested not to do so. This could end up creating motor tension while grinding and it may damage the food that’s in the mixer. It would be best to contact the service centre or buy a new one. 

  • Loose Blades: If the jar of the mixer grinder has loose blades, it will leave space for the air to flow, and anything you put into the jar will get leaked. In such situations, you can fix the problem by merely tightening the blade with a simple screwdriver.
  • Rubber Gasket: The rubber gasket is another reason for a jar leakage. If your mixer grinder has a warranty period, then go for a full rubber gasket replacement. But if it doesn’t, then purchase a new rubber gasket from a top mixer-grinder
  • Sudden Stoppage: The jars usually get stuck due to the corroded or damaged bearings. Any leakages from food or liquids drained under the blades may damage the jar or erode it. All you need to do is put some oil on the corroded part and wipe it with a soft cloth after a few minutes and then tighten the motor with a plier.
  • Overflowing: The jar may burst if the lid or the lid ring is not fitted correctly or has excess liquids. The only solution to this is to fit the lid or lid ring properly and remove the extra fluids.

2.  Blade Problems:

  • No Rotation: At times, the blades may stop working or don’t rotate at full speed. This is mainly caused due to clogged food particles. Switching the mixer off, removing the blades, cleaning it with warm water, and removing the junk is the best way to fix this. Get it checked with the service centre if the problem continues.
  • Blunt Blades: After some years, the blades of the mixer grinder get blunt. With some rock salt, you may polish up the blades. Place some rock salt in the jar as well, and then switch on the grinder. Continue to turn it off at regular intervals. Do this for about 5-6 minutes.
  • Broken Coupler: The couplers of the blade break due to over usage of the mixer. Broken couplers cannot be repaired; thus, replacing them is the easiest solution.

3.  Unit Complications:

  • Insufficient Power Supply: The unit may not start due to no power supply, improper plug insertion, and tripping of the overload switch. The best remedy for this is to check the power supply, insert the plug properly in the socket, and press the motor's start button after waiting for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Tripping while in operation: Sometimes, you might have noticed that the unit starts and then suddenly stops while working. It is mainly because of the overload tripping, excess load in the jar, blade obstructions, and zero power supply. To solve this, you have to do the same, i.e., switch off the unit, remove the excess materials, and restart the mixer after 2-3 minutes. Do check the power supply too.
  • Overheating: This problem is mainly due to low voltage, overloading, blocked ventilation, and external heat source. Operating the mixer at 230V, 50Hz, avoiding excess addition of material to the jar, clearing the vents using a dry brush, and keeping the unit away from the heat source are some of the best remedies.


Though self-repair is the easiest way, it is always advisable to contact the service centre for any problem. You may come up with questions such as where can I buy an Indian mixer, or where can I buy a Philips mixer in the UK? To buy the best and good mixer grinder in the UK , visit us in United Kingdom. There is a range of the best mixer grinder brands to choose from. A few of them include Philips mixer grinder UK, Preethi Indian Mixer Grinder In United KingdomBajaj mixer grinder UK, and Panasonic mixer grinder UK