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Mixer grinders and blenders are items of utter importance in the kitchen. The best mixer grinders make the entire cooking process simpler and easier. Using them in the right way is essential to take out most from your investment and ensure safety.

Avoid making the following common mistakes with these gadgets for their better life cycle.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Mixer Grinders and Blenders

Mixing foods

Avoid the habit of mixing cooked food and raw food together. It is always a better option to grind these two items separately and then mixing it up as per your requirement. While one item may take a lot of time to grind, the other will serve only minutes. However, to align the texture of the items, the grinder will take longer than expected. 


Using the appliance for too long can damage and reduce the health of the appliance. Overheating damages the nutritional value of the food.

To avoid overheating, pause at intervals and never keep the appliance running for more than 30 seconds at a time. In this way, you can ensure that the top mixer grinder you purchased has a longer life.


Overloading is the most common mistake that each one of us makes. Overloading reduces the efficiency and ability of the grinder. It is best to grind the ingredients in batches and then mix it. Blending in parts will not only get the job done faster but efficiently too.

Using additional attachments

Always prefer to use the jars or attachments that were provided with the appliance. Using additional attachments or attachments from some other device is not an ideal option. They may not fit the base model, damaging both the attachment and base. For example, if you are using a BLAAZE, Bajaj, Preethi, PhilipsMixer, Panasonic Mixer or BOSCH Mixer Grinder from the UK, you cannot use the attachments provided by other makes of mixer grinder in the UK. In addition, you may also risk yourself from fire, injury or electric shock.

Using wrong blades

The best mixers to buy in the UK come with a variety of blades. Each blade has its purpose and is suitable for a specific kind of food. Thus, always use the correct set of blades for the kind of food it is made for. Using a wrong blade will affect the coarseness of the food you want to grind, and the duration of the blades and jars will also deteriorate.

Blending without the lid

Another common mistake is to blend without the lid. In a hurry, you tend to put the items to blend in the jar and forget to cover or properly secure the jar with a lid. Always make sure that you have put the lid tightly before blending. Not ensuring the lid can lead to severe injuries, a big mess and the entire cooking process will become more hectic.

Blending hot foods

Processing hot food will generate a lot of steam, and this steam will create a pressure that can just blow off the lid when the mixer grinder is in use. Before you blend any food, make sure that it is cooled down.

Keeping the blender switched on

Switch off or unplug the blender after you use it. Keeping the blender plugged in can damage the appliance and can lead to some major accidents. It may also lead to short circuits.

Not cleaning correctly

Ensure that you clean the jar and the blades properly after your use. Not cleaning them will lead to stickiness and stains. Use a sponge to clean the attachments and then wash it with fresh water. Make sure that you keep the blender unplugged while cleaning it.


There is a variety of mixer grinders available online. A few companies that you can choose from are Philips Mixer grinder in the UK or Panasonic Mixer Grinder UK. You can put an end to the questions such as “from where I can buy Indian mixer” or “from where I can buy a BLAAZE mixer in the UK.” Try the best Preethi mixer / heavy motor mixer grinder to purchase in UK. However, do not forget to follow the points mentioned above.